Restoration & Repair

MBZ Classic specializes in bigger restoration jobs that intimidate other shops, and we ONLY work with classic Mercedes-Benz vehicles. We’re here when you need someone you can trust with that beloved Benz that’s been in the family for decades. Whether you’re in need of some major mechanical repair work or a complete body & interior restoration you can count on us.

We work with customers from all over the country. Our clients find great value in trusting us with their unique cars.
If you’re in Southern California and have a bigger job, we offer free towing services to our primary shop near Joshua Tree.
In addition, we have a shop specializing in diesel conversions at our location in SW Oregon.

Here are some examples of the services for Classic Mercedes-Benz vehicles:
Engine Rebuilding & Replacement
Transmission Replacements
Upholstery and Interior Refurbishing
Body & Paint Work, including Touch-ups, Rust Removal
Brakes, Steering & Suspension Overhaul
A/C System Upgrades
Fluid, Filter and Hose Changes
...and more

Please CONTACT US to make an appointment.